Authentic US Woman Officer WAAC Skirt | Classic Style for History Enthusiasts and WAAC reenactment

€ 48,95

Wool skirt dark OD for woman officer.

Skirt matches with woman's officer uniform pictured in the last picture.

The Women's Army Auxiliary Corps (WAAC) was established in the United States during World War II to address the growing need for additional personnel in the military. Women from various backgrounds joined the corps to provide support and aid to the U.S. military during the war.


The WAAC uniform served multiple purposes depending on the needs of the women in service. It could be worn as a formal service uniform during ceremonies and official events. Additionally, it was also suitable for daily work duties or when engaging in non-combat roles.


The WAAC skirt, with its tailored design and distinctive olive drab color, played a crucial role in shaping the image of the women serving in the Women's Army Auxiliary Corps during World War II. It provided a functional and recognizable uniform while honoring the commitment and sacrifice of the pioneering women who served their nation.


The WAAC skirt featured a tailored design that was intended to be practical for military duties while maintaining a sense of femininity. It was typically knee-length and had a straight or slightly flared silhouette.