Important anouncement! 

We are currently moving our home and the shop from Gorsem to Broekom. Because of this, there is no shop which can be visited for the time being. If you are in urgent need of some items, please reach out to us and we can collect the items for you to pickup at Broekom. 

The webshop remains open, but keep in mind that things might be a bit slower than usual because of our busy shedule in the next few weeks. 

Thank you for your understanding and see you in Broekom soon! 

Welcome to the Bulge Barn, 

Your shop for 1939-1945 living history supplies in Belgium.


We have a continuously expanding range of items for: 



ww2 vehicle enthousiasts 

WW2 airsoft 








We are Roeland and Noémi and we live in the Flemish region of Belgium, at Gorsem (Sint-Truiden).


Roeland has been fascinated by the history of World War 2 since he was 16 years old. He went to events, registered with clubs, participated as a re-enactor for several movies and series and so much more. Noémi was also interested in the world of re-enactment, but it wasn't until she met Roeland back in 2016 that she actually started learning more about World War 2 and everything that was connected with it. 


While we never stopped going to historical sites, museums and WW2 related events we always felt like we wanted to do more with this passion of ours. We had been joking around about starting a historical supplies shop, but we never actually took the idea serious. Until Christmas day 2021. 


We had decided that it was time to make our year long dream a reality and to start small, build our stock and listen to what was needed in the world of re-enactment. We aim for good quality, affordable prices and a more personal touch towards our customers. 


We also love a good challenge and we love to help you in your search for that one item you can't seem to find. Just send us a message and who knows? Maybe we can help you in finding the item you have been after for so long. 


It's safe to say that Bulge Barn is more than just "another military stock".

It's a hobby that got out of hand, which we hope to share with as many people as possible. 


Hope to hear from you soon!


Roeland & Noémi