Setting up our shop in Gorsem (St-Truiden)

Gepubliceerd op 7 februari 2023 om 07:49

A store you can visit, with enough space to display all our products.


Bulge Barn started a little over a year ago. At that time, we were thought it would just be a webshop and every once in a while we would set up the store at an event, during the spring/summer season. 

But over time we got so many requests from people, who asked if they could come over to try something on (shoes/jackets) before they bought them. 

Our house has been a huge renovation project since 2017. There was an old cafe before, in the front room (at the street side), so we decided that we would make room for a small store space there. 

So .. we started working double time on the store space. It took us some weeks to finish it all, but we're almost there. 


Right now we are getting the racks ready in which we will be hanging the vests, shirts and pants. If all goes well, we should be done with all of the set-up by the end of this week. We also shared some of these 'sneak peek' pictures on our Facebook page and we love the support that we got from everyone. It's truly heartwarming to get such positive feedback from all of our friends and customers.

We've noticed that you guys are happy with a WW2 reenactment shop here in the area, since there aren't any others in close proximity. We realise that we are still a pretty 'small' shop, but we are definitely expanding!


We do our best to add new products to our shop every month and we expect a huge amount of new stock in March / April 2023. While we truly want to grow bigger and bigger (so we can offer you guys more products) we also don't want to lose sight of quality. With Bulge Barn we are really strict in the selection of our items. So, if we are adding something new, it's because we are proud to have that product in our shop! 


If you would love to visit our shop, don't hesitate to shoot us a quick message. We still work during the day, but we can open the shop by appointment in the evenings/weekends. 

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